Log Multiverse


25 years, 7 months, 27 days – the approximate time I have been “online”. It feels way less than that, but that is the apparent reality according to the calculations. I first went online on my first days of university back then – I am today, in many ways, the result of such that entanglement […]


Dark Matter

What if? Part of our collective human nature is to question at every single turn our decisions. What if every question we raised created a parallel reality stream? A different me, with possibly a different you? Dark Matter is a fantastic novel on why it is better we don’t know and how our best reality […]



It has been a while I last blogged.
I’ve kept my journal through the last years, so much to catch up, so much to report, so much to share with other and yet somehow, I slowly stopped, slowly moved more and more of my digital self into those useless walled gardens, where years of life snippets seem to have been sucked into an eternal loss.