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Bagel Memories

For as long as I remember, I love bagels. Not sure exactly where such love started, but I often crave for then. Unfortunately, on this side of the world, Bagels are not something one can find easily around the corner. Well, or so I thought.

Since I moved to Jakarta, I would purchase Bagels on sight and I through I had a good knowledge of places that carried them in town. I have tried most of them.

Today I discovered a new spot – Mad Bagel – and I ended ordering a nice selection from their menu – Everything On, Cinnamon, Blueberries and Chocochips, a pair of each.

As I sliced them for storage, I had already eaten some directly out of the package – you can spot the ones missing from the photo!

But then the most curious thing happened.

I nibbled my way through two sliced bagels; I travelled back in time. Not once, but to three different time and places in the past.

  • A visit to T&E in Enschede, where we ended up a small coffee shop I can’t recall, but to have been Bagels and Beans (?).
  • The delicious toasted bagels I had for breakfast from 1369 Coffee House last time I was in Boston.
  • And lunch with P. at Kemp Deli, before she left to China.

Its case to say, it was a one charged Bagel!

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