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A splash of Green

Every time I wander around town, it is hard no to enjoy and even contemplate how green and luxurious Jakarta is. When I moved from Dubai here, it was even hard to see any other color, such was the visual difference experienced.

But although green is always around, I had no flower or plants inside my apartments. Plants brought memories of past times and past lives, and I guess I kept avoiding them.

During my quarentine weekly supermarket trips with Victoria I got used to pick up to follow example and picked up a flower or two for the living room. I guess one thing left to another and now its hard to see the place without something green inside.

So last week I decided to change that, but it turned out that buying plants in Jakarta was not as easy as I expected. After a couple of failed trips to my reference usual places, all I could find was plastic copycats.

Out of frustration I decided it was time to ask for help.

Turns out that buying plants in Jakarta is a market thing and not a shopping thing, so last week, after work hours Victoria drove me to Dharmawangsa Raya… a street where the sidewalk has been turned into a continuous and luxurious garden center.

It was dark, so I ended up bringing a bambu palm (I think) home.

Looked great in the new office, but one single vase was far from enough, so off we went this Saturday for round 2! Result? A set of 3 nice orchids are now co-living with me, and now I have something else to distract me on this endless WFH quarantine.

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