Tech Talks London (Portuguese Only)

Directly from London, Basilio VieiraMarco Silva e Vitor Domingos, take weekly live interviews with other Portuguese fellows on technology, science and communication.

This week I shared their stage as a guest, and for some very long 30 minutes, we covered views on some of the week’s headlines and the different viewpoints from both east and west on them.

It is not often that I speak Portuguese these days, so it felt nice to do it in Portuguese – half of it wouldn’t make sense in English either I guess! 

All these years abroad, I have hardly touched base with my Portuguese fellow geeks back home, for that I am as guilty as the timezones I choose to live in! Still, it felt nice not just to catch up with them in Portuguese,  as much as indirectly through their previous episodes learn on other Portuguese colleagues and friends whom I haven’t heard from far too long ago.

We’re all older, all over the place and somehow smarter than we were before. Thank you! This was actually fun to record.

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